Terms and Conditions

A. The draw is open to anyone – members and non-members. Once you purchase a ticket, you become a social member of St. Eunan’s G.A.A Club for the period of May 1st 2019 – January 1st 2020 unless he/she shall cease to be a member as provided in the rules of the club. The cost of the membership is €100.

B. Only those who have purchased this membership ticket are eligible to participate in this draw.

C. Each ticket will be eligible for all 10 prizes

D. St. Eunan’s G.A.A Club is established and conducted for the purpose not connected with gaming wagering or lotteries.

E. Any public notice or announcement about this draw is a notice to members of St. Eunan’s G.A.A Club or to other persons concerned.

F. All member of St. Eunan’s G.A.A Club (hereinafter called the “Club”) participating in this draw are subject to the rules of the club.

G. All disputes, differences and questions of any nature which at any time may arise between the purchaser of the ticket and the organisers of St. Eunan’s G.A.A Club ‘House’ draw shall be referred to an independent arbitrator to be nominated by the Chairman of the Club to determine the dispute, differences or issues.

H. The Trustees and members of the Executive Committee of the Club, including the organisers of St. Eunan’s G.A.A Club private membership ‘House’ draw shall not be liable for any loss suffered by any member/members of the Club participating in the draw.

I. The first prize is a 3 Bed, Semi-detached, A-rated Energy Efficient House (No. 3 Crieve Mor, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal or similar in the development). The Winner(s) will be registered as the
owner(s) of the property.

J. The winner(s) of the house will be responsible for all costs involved in the conveyancing and registration of the property.

K. The Club will not be liable for any loss suffered due to any issues in the construction of the house.

L. The winner(s) of the ‘House’ draw shall accept the fit out and finish of a 3 Bed, Semi-detached, A- rated Energy Efficient House at Crieve Mor, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, as provided by the builder on completion of the house.

M. After the draw has taken place and the house has been registered in the name of the winner(s), the Club will have no direct or indirect financial interest in the said house and it will be held free from any encumbrances in favour of the Club.

N. The organisers of this draw shall not derive any personal profit from it.

O. Information about all prizes in this draw can also be found on www.gaahousedraw.com

P. The draw will be held on Easter Sunday at the Mount Errigal at 10pm sharp

Q. St. Eunan’s G.A.A club reserve the right to change the date of the draw due to any unforeseen circumstances and to substitute any prize for the cash amount.

R. The winning ticket and ticket holder(s) will be subject to verification by St Eunan’s G.A.A Club and their agents. This process may take up to 7 days to complete.

S. The Club shall not be liable for any failure in the performance of any of its obligations if caused by factors outside its control

T. In the unlikely event of a system malfunction and duplicate ticket numbers are issued. The offending tickets will be removed before the draw and new unique tickets issued to the players.

U. The implementation, conduction and verification of this draw will be fully supervised by an independent adjudicator.

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